Tree Shaking Will Be A Way Demonstrate Meteor's Ease-of-Use to Developers

There’s a Medium post today talking about how to get tree-shaking working in Webpack. It’s a lot of work:

Tree-shaking is on the Meteor Roadmap. The amazing Meteor zero-config capabilities will make this a win for Meteor vs. Webpack, Rollup and other bundlers. It will provide an excellent example of Meteor’s ease-of-use.


the article covers concepts that you have to understand in order to do tree shaking properly. It’s very likely that you have to apply the same principles in meteor. (e.g. dealing with sideeffects). good read!

yea i agree. Its like the programming techniques needed to be employed in order to get the greatest benefit of the tree shaking feature is something that you can learn using webpack or rollup or what ever and then if tree shaking makes it way to Meteor (which would be awesome :)) then you will have a head start on things as a developer. I didn’t realize it involved more than just configuration tho so that was a great link … thanks for sharing

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