Trombone - hassle free hosted User Management for Meteor


Hello Meteor forums,

I needed a user admin panel for my meteor based web app / chrome extension ( ), so I created one and made it available for other people to use as hosted service.

It’s live here:

Currently in beta, it only supports the basics but I already find it useful. Check it out, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



Just rolled out a few tweaks. Questions for those of you who’ve taken a look:

  • How can I make this easier for you to use?
  • What should I add to it? Analytics? Sending emails (ie. Mailchimp)? etc.

Thanks again!

Meteor Admin Packages - March 2016 - what do you use?

A hosted turnkey user management tool seems like an idea with potential, but right now it’s really bare bones. What features are you planning to integrate? Stuff like newsletters would be a good first feature imo.

Perhaps take a look at for how to approach analytics.

Either way, good luck!


Thanks! Aside from the other basics (e.g. better user object editing, support for roles, oauth providers etc.) Features I have on the backlog include (in rough order of priority):

  • Analytics (including user demographic breakdowns - anyone know of any good providers / APIs that can supply that information?)
  • Mailing lists / newsletters
  • Export / Webhooks to integrate with other services
  • Advanced Search
  • Cleaning up users (e.g. linking duplicate oauth accounts in one click)

I’ll probably introduce a barebones version of some of those and build from there.

PS. intercom looks awesome!


Hi Paul, the link to your TOS is broken. What information do you keep from sites using this as their account manager?


Sorry Michael, I am in transit but will fix that asap.

We don’t keep any of your user data. In fact I’ve designed it so that we can’t actually access your accounts/app at all. You define a password during setup which is inserted into your app during configuration, when you access the app on you’re prompted for that password which is used (together with a randomly generated app secret) to connect directly to your app. That password is never sent to our servers.

In the future if we want to provide complex analytics or other features that can’t be run in real time we might have to cache some of your accounts data on our servers, but these would be exceptions. Moreover I want to provide a subscription service that makes life easier for meteor devs/shops and have no interest in harvesting user data.

Meteor Admin Packages - March 2016 - what do you use?

The Fullcontact api - I think intercom uses them


Thanks, will check it out!


Hello Meteor people, sorry for the bump

Trombone is starting to mature a bit, I’ve added lots of stability fixes, some cool analytics tiles and the ability to call meteor methods directly from the dashboard! And we now support paid accounts :slight_smile:

I would love some more feedback / beta testers, if anyone has time!