Trouble deploying app using a binary NPM module


I have an app that uses a couple of npm modules that compile to a binary .node file from C++ source, the main one being node-talib. On my OSX dev machine they run great but when I try to publish the app to my Ubuntu server it always fails on the the build of this one module. I’ve tried in every flavor of mup (mup/mupx/mup2) with various docker images to no avail. I’ve tried installing build-essential and node-gyp on the server, no luck. I’ve even tried to make a wrapper atmosphere package, but it always fails when I try to build the linux versions using publish-for-arch. I’m hoping someone out there has a solution as it would be a lot of work to recode all of what this package is doing for me. I’m not a master at docker, but I’ve also tried to build a custom image using mup2 by editing the file, no luck there either.