Trouble deploying git repo on heroku

I’m looking to clone a git repo:
and then deploy that to heroku but literally have 0 clue what I’m doing. Can anybody help?

Here are my notes:

//Create heroku app
heroku create --buildpack

// or if app already exists in heroku
heroku buildpacks:set

//add three settings
heroku addons:create mongolab:sandbox

heroku config:set MONGO_URL=mongodb://

ggggg = database user name
xxxx = database password
zzzzzzzzzzz = databse name
heroku config:set ROOT_URL=

//deply app
git push heroku master

// if cannot access folder//
Whenever this randomly happens to me, removing and adding heroku again as a remote reference always works.

First check if you do have heroku as a remote.

git remote -v

If heroku is present, remove it.

git remote rm heroku

Then add it back.

git remote add heroku //project is the name of your project>

git remote add heroku
heroku config:set ROOT_URL=

For the latest version of Meteor, here’s a tutorial for deploying a Meteor app to Heroku. Also, the above buildpack is not updated, use this instead.