Trouble using jquery-ui autocomplete with materialize

Hello, i’m having trouble integrating jquery-ui with the autocomplete input from materialize.

this are my packages


This is my Template Tag

<template name="cadastroProfissional">
    <div class='container'>
      <div class="row">
        <div class="col s12">
            <div class="input-field col s12">
              <input type="text" id="autocomplete-input" class="autocomplete">
              <label for="autocomplete-input">Companies</label>

this is my OnRendered Helper.

Template.cadastroProfissional.onRendered(function() {
    data: {
      "Apple": null,
      "Microsoft": null,
      "Google": ''
    limit: 20, // The max amount of results that can be shown at once. Default: Infinity.

the script is loading correctly, but, when i try to type text on the input box wich should trigger the dropdown autocomplete my console shows this error.

mizzao_jquery-ui.js?hash=4b3f8b1…:41 Uncaught TypeError: this.source is not a function _search @ mizzao_jquery-ui.js?hash=4b3f8b1…:41 (anonymous function) @ mizzao_jquery-ui.js?hash=4b3f8b1…:40 search @ mizzao_jquery-ui.js?hash=4b3f8b1…:41 (anonymous function) @ mizzao_jquery-ui.js?hash=4b3f8b1…:40 (anonymous function) @ mizzao_jquery-ui.js?hash=4b3f8b1…:41 i @ mizzao_jquery-ui.js?hash=4b3f8b1…:40

Searched the web for some light, but with no sucess
Any ideia what i’m doing it wrong?

Ty! :slight_smile: