Trouble with accounts-facebook after moving to Heroku

Just moved my app to Heroku from * and can’t get it to work with Facebook auth. Still works fine locally. I create a new test app in FB to be safe.


  • Click the Facebook login button.
  • Dialog pops up to initiate auth with FB
  • Click Play to complete auth
  • Popup page goes blank and does not close.

Any ideas?

Did you change the “Site URLs” and “Allowed Domains” in the Facebook app settings?

make sure the environment variable is set to https (or http if you dont have ssl)

otherwise maybe the uri redirects need to be set on facebook developer settings

Thanks will give that a try.

I did add a site url and allowed domain.

Not having https configured was the problem. Thanks for your help.


I’m running into the exact same problem. Can u please elaborate on how you exactly fixed it?


It’s a problem of ROOT_URL
If you set ROOT_URL to instead of
It will solve your this problem and let users login with facebook from
Using this will not let you login with Facebook, google or whatever with

I hope this will help you.