Trouble with aggregating, $group, and $latest

I have a collection where users periodically enter a “profile entry”. Each entry stores (among other things) a unique id associated with an organization (‘orgId’) and the date of the entry (‘date’). I do this so I can capture changes in different numbers over time (a pseudo example of schema is below).

At some point I need to grab the latest entry from each user ( or ‘orgId’ in the schema below). Then I need to sum the employees for each organization.

I can’t seem to figure this out. I tried the following but it’s just returning all the employee values into the MostRecentImpactEntriesArray array.

var yourClients = // this is an array of orgIds

var pipeline = [
    {$match: {orgId: {$in: yourClients}}},
    {$group: {_id: {orgId: '$orgId', FT: '$employment.Employees'}, date: {$last: '$date'}}}

var MostRecentImpactEntriesArray =
    return doc._id.FT

Schemas = {};

Schemas.Employment = new SimpleSchema({
    Employees: {
        type: Number,
        optional: false,
        label: '# of Employees:',

Schemas.ProfileEntry = new SimpleSchema({
    orgId: {
        type: String,
        optional: false,
    date: {
        type: Date,
        optional: false,
        label: 'Calendar Year for this Roster:',
        autoform: {
            type: "pickadate",
    employment: {
        type: Schemas.Employment,
        label: "Employement Impact History:",
        optional: false,

ProfileEntry = new Mongo.Collection("ProfileEntry");


    insert: function () { return true; },
    update: function () { return true; },
    remove: function () { return true; }