Trouble with GroundDB in IE


I’m having this irritating issue with GroundDB and IE (11, yet to try Edge).

I have a document in some grounded collection that is subscribed by the client, once this document is removed from the collection (an action that the user can perform) some reaction is shown in the interface (list of documents in collection gets shorter). This works in Chrome, FF and Safari without a hitch but in IE the changes are shown just for a short while before returning to the previous state, i.e. the document does not get removed from the browsers localStorage

Having some other browser (Chrome/FF/Safari) watching the same page as this is done in IE everything updates correctly in those browsers but IE fails - this has been tried on different machines.

The only way to get IE in to sync again with Mongo is to hard refresh the page.

Anyone had/seen these issues with Ground and IE?

We are using Meteor 1.2.1, Ground 0.3.15 and appcache 1.0.6