Trouble with SSL on Galaxy

So I’ve been pretty frustrated in trying to get SSL to work on my app.

First there is the issue with the dashboard locking up. If you upload a file that isn’t correct, and when you do this for the very first time that is very likely, the whole dashboard goes out to lunch for some amount of time. I’m not sure if it’s hours, but it’s at least 10s of minutes and in frustration I go do something else for a while.

Next, I was given two cert files from my CA. I’m unclear if I should provide the one, or the bundle, or combine them somehow. There is little to no specifics on the site. “upload key and cert(s)” isn’t very descriptive when I have 2 cert files and if it fails you get the hung dashboard and no clues as to what you did wrong.

I thought I had it working for a while with the single cert file in. And it seemed to work with mobile too, at least at first. But now my mobile tests started coming up telling me my certs are bad. Sigh. Let me try this… oops, frozen dashboard.

It doesn’t seem like it should be this complicated.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with SSL. Can you please log a support case from within Galaxy so our support engineers can help?

How has your experience been with Galaxy so far and has this been resolved?

Mine are bundled which (I think) is causing chrome (and probably other browsers too) to say my SSL certs aren’t recognized or something of the sort. It happens sometimes on chrome, and almost 100% when I visit the site through a mobile browser (android).

This is a web app not a cordova/phonegap app.

You should upload the whole chain for your cert (so your cert + root certs for your CA), not just cert itself.

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Yes, this ended up being the right solution. To upload all the certs as one file, which I had to paste together myself. It seemed the dashboard would have issues if “my cert” (the solitary one from my SSL buying process) wasn’t used in the upload, which made the process take extra long.

mz103, my experience has been pretty good overall. I’ve only had two points of frustration really, the first being this SSL thing and the other was trying to solve a crash on deploy that wasn’t producing any logs.

There was a subtle database difference between my devel and prod databases that caused it, and I hadn’t noticed initially and galaxy had been faithfully trying to launch my broken version for a couple of days. But it seemed right as I figured out what was going on it stopped producing the error in the log and I had to track it down without logging support. A bit odd and the only time I’ve seen this so far and I don’t know if it was related to 2-4 days of failed launches.

On the bright side the deploys are smooth and easy and I’ve been able to figure out 95% of the things I’ve needed to from the documentation. The version updates are slick, and I like the fact that I don’t even have to think about scaling if/when the need arises (and I hope it does :). I’m most definitely capable of getting a raw AWS instance up but I don’t want to have the other hassles involved in standing up a production system myself if I can avoid it. My time saved is absolutely worth the cost differential to me. Definitely sticking with galaxy as I get closer to putting a real customer load on the site.


this piece of advice saved me from pulling all of my hair out - thank you

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