Troubles with SCSS files imported from Bower

For the n-th time, I am trying to upgrade my Meteor 1.1 app to Meteor 1.2. It is always my Sass files that are causing me the most trouble.

In Meteor 1.1, I had the following configuration:

  • My own SCSS files were located in the /client folder.
  • These files depend heavily on 3rd party SCSS files (like bootstrap-sass) which I imported via Bower, using the mquandalle:bower package.
  • This package puts the downloaded files under .meteor/local/bower
  • Until 1.1, I was able to reference these files without any problems, using the includePaths feature of fourseven:scss. This worked smoothly, allowed the files to be referenced either absolutely or relatively, and everything was perfect.

With Meteor 1.2, the whole build system changed - and I never managed to make this work properly again. fourseven:scss does not accept the files to be stored under /.meteor any more, it won’t find them. So I tried to move these files to another folder.

mquandalle:bower, howver, seems to be a bit picky where the bower folder can be stored. If I try to move it from /.meteor/local/bower to /client or /server, the Bower build fails. It only works if I place the folder either under /.meteor or /private. I haven’t tried the /public folder, since this folder would be downloaded on every hot code reload.

Long story short: I am wondering if anybody out there faced the same problems and managed to get SASS files imported via bower to work in combination with fourseven:scss. I tried this at least 10 times, and was always left desperate. :-/

KR, Tom