Trying (and failing) to revive old Meteor app on Heroku

I have an old Meteor app that has been running fine on Heroku for over two years now. But now that I’m trying to push an update for the first time in two years, I get this error:

The key seems to be “code ELIFECYCLE” when installing chromedriver, but I’m not sure how to upgrade the version of chromedriver as it is not a direct dependency of my app.

Could anyone point me in the right direction? The app works fine locally.


chromedriver suggests that you have included a test framework in your app’s production dependencies, rather than in its dev dependencies. It may be work checking your package.json.

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Turns out I had and chimp as dependencies. But moving them to devDependencies does not help. After removing them from package.json altogether it
works, though. I guess there is something wrong in my setup. Thanks a lot!

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For anyone running into similar issues, since a year or so ago apparently devDependencies are installed by default on Heroku: . That might be why my app stopped working.

Changing the settings as detailed in that article should work, though I haven’t tried it yet.