Trying to add meteor-compat:useraccounts-flow-routing package but get "no such package"

Trying to install the

GitHub - meteor-compat/useraccounts-flow-routing: Useraccounts packages add-on for integration with Flow Router and Blaze Layout.

but I get the following error:

add meteor-compat:useraccounts-flow-routing
 => Errors while parsing arguments:

While adding package meteor-compat:useraccounts-flow-routing:
error: no such package

What am I doing wrong? Could we add installation instructions to the readme?


To install this package you should run the command:

meteor add useraccounts:flow-routing

The package name is always as the one on the package.js file useraccounts-flow-routing/package.js at master · meteor-compat/useraccounts-flow-routing · GitHub

Thank you. So the name wasn’t updated in line 10, right?

Shouldn’t we keep the name (in the package.js file) in line with the package name? Otherwise how is it possible to distinguish between the original package and the forked one?

The problem is that despite uninstalling the old package and installing the meteor-compat one, the versions file still says I’m on version


Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 22.59.05
The only change I can see in versions is that it has downgrade the http package.

How do I know that it’s using the correct file? @filipenevola - what’s your view as the owner? Shouldn’t this be corrected so that we can explicitly name the meteor-compat package?