Trying to get arms around Meteor->Blaze. Suggestions?

I have a company asking me for help on their full Meteor->Blaze stack so I’m trying to plot a course on how to get up and working in a relatively short time.
While I can find much on using Meteor for generating the infrastructure of a system, information on where/how Blaze integrates seems a bit vague.

Most of the tutorials I’ve found concerning “full stack” Meteor development is in conjunction with front end engines such as angular/react (which I’ve used extensively), but have found it difficult finding much comprehensive information on similar Blaze usage.Any suggestions on where I can start?

And some questions that come to mind as digging into this, is 1) what’s the status of Blaze? There appears to be a lot of thrashing that’s gone on the past year on direction, is it still considered viable, and, 2)
I see references to Blaze 1 and 2, would this be synonymous with the transition with agular 1 => 2 ?

Hi @karlkras,

I can understand that this is quite confusing for a newbie. The transition from Blaze to React/Angular caused a lot of fraction in the Meteor community, too. First, MDG declared Blaze as being “dead”, then they “revived” it, and eventually MDG decided to hand it over to the community :slight_smile:

Actually, there is no Blaze 2 so far. There were only suggestions by the community how such a Blaze 2 could look like. AFAIK, @mitar is one of the guys who took over community development for Blaze now, maybe some of the ideas for a “Blaze 2” will be incorporated there. But I’m not too deep into this, TBH. I’m still using Blaze as it was in the early days of Meteor.

Regarding the tutorial question:

A good starting point is the official Meteor Blaze tutorial:

After you’ve worked through this, you should have a look at the excellent Meteor Guide:

and the Blaze community documentation:

HTH, Tom

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Gosh, I sure hope not :wink:

But Blaze is now rapidly improving in the hands of the community. One way to learn how to use it in a big app is in the Meteor Guide, which was written based on the collective experience of a wide range of people.

I can’t wait until next-generation Blaze is a thing, there were a ton of good ideas in there which make it a good foil to React in ways that Angular 2 or Vue don’t quite capture.

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Discover Meteor, the book, also helped me personally a lot when I was starting out with Blaze. If you need any consulting or assistance to catchup I can help out.



I started learning Meteor with this great set of video tutorials (see bottom of this post, search for Meteor for everyone and Intermediate meteor).

The Meteor Guide developed by @sashko is very well written (sadly it wasn’t around when I started).

So given that these tutorials don’t specifically call out “Blaze” in the content, is it assumed that it is the front end library that they’re using?

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Yes :slight_smile:

(Make the forum happy!)

Old topic, but I’ve just posted an educational boilerplate that helps with prototyping/POC dev. Take a look: