Trying to Import a Variables.styl File in Meteor

I am using the stylus-multi package for meteor:

It is a great package, but I am having one issue – and that is creating a global variables.styl stylus sheet.

What I want to do is to import variables.styl from main.styl and ALSO import all of my partials from main.styl. The files in those partials will then make use of the variables located in variables.styl.

For instance, I would like to have something like the following structure:

    partials folder
        partials sub-folder1
        partials sub-folder2

Inside of main.styl I want to @import BOTH variable.styl and partial/*. Then, in the various file.styl files I will make use of variables that I set in the variable.styl file.

The problem is that this is not working. The variables are not being read. ONLY if I @import the variables file directly from each and every file will the variables work.’

This is true EVEN if I rename variables.styl to variable.import.styl or put it in a .import folder.

Any idea how to get this to work properly? I really do not want to have to directly @import the variable file from each and every other file.


This should work properly - I threw together a quick demo app to show this here: (top level variables.styl file is used by partials in sub-directories). Hope this helps!