Trying to install sanjo:jasmine for Meteor Windows Preview


I am trying to install sanjo:jasmine on Windows machine with windows preview release 0.1.7.
I am getting the following build error:

=> Errors while adding packages.

While checking for sanjo:karma@1.4.1:
error: No compatible build found.

Can someone please help?


Sorry, Windows is not yet supported by Velocity and sanjo:jasmine.

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:frowning: Thanks for the reply.

EDIT: Could you tell me the problem or steps needed to make it compatible with windows?

I haven’t looked in detail into it. But we need to remove the symlink that is created inside the dynamically generated tests-proxy package. I already work on removing this.

Here is the topic about it:!topic/velocity-core/SdIn4C_I_WQ

Thank you. Let me know if you need any help in regards to Windows machine, or anything else.