Trying to notify different Collections from same Publication via Observe and DDP messages

Hi there,

Maybe I’m approaching things the wrong way but I’m trying to notify different Collections of changes from the same Publication,

I have a Selections Collection and a Projects Collection

I have a Publication that I Subscribe to at some point

and all works fine as long as I stick to publishing to one Collection

I’m using Cursor.observe in the publication and wanted to do something like this (I removed added and removed callbacks for clarity) :

const selections = Selections.find();
const _o = selections.observe({

            changed: (selection) => {

                if (selection.project_id) {

                    this.changed('Projects', selection.project_id, { modifiedAt: new Date() });


                this.changed('Selections', selection._id, transform(selection));


I'm using the websocket panel in devTools to watch what's happening and the 'changed' ddp messages are only sent to the _Selections_ Collection

As I read the docs and the "counts-by-room" example in the `publish` chapter I was under the impression that you could dispatch to any Collection of your choosing

I also tried only publishing to _Projects_ but this does not work either

finally it seems like using `added()` works as expected but I'm not being able to use `changed()`

probably missing something obvious but I thought I'd ask and see if some one can help me in the right direction

thank you