Trying to publish all users in a Group with alanning:roles


I’m using alanning:roles to store roles, with groups, and am trying to get all the Users in a certain Group.

However, if I update a users’s roles for a particular Group, the new array of roles (specifically for that Group only) isn’t getting published.

I believe this is because roles as an array has to be marked as “changed” manually - so trying to do it via below code, but not quite there (see comment in code):

Any tips?

EDIT: I don’t want to use v2.0 of alanning:roles - can’t migrate right now.

Meteor.publish('groupUsersPub', function(groupId){
    var self = this;

        var rolesKey = 'roles.'+groupId;

        var users = Meteor.users.find(
                fields: {
                    'emails.address': 1,
                    'services.password.reset.reason': 1,

//tried this but does not work - says it cannot find element with [userId] 
        _.each(users.fetch() , function(user){
            self.changed(users, user._id, user);

        return users;

    return self.ready();