Tsconfig baseDir setting

I have a couple of files that use an absolute import to something else in my project. These are causing some odd problems. I know I can change these to relative imports, but I didn’t know if anyone new what was happening:

import {myfunction} from ‘/lib/helpers’;
So, notice that this path starts with a leading ‘/’

Typescript and my IDE don’t like this. Instead, they want me to put baseDir=“.” in my tsconfig.json file and then not use the leading “/”.

So, I edit my tsconfig and change the remove the “/”. However, now when Meteor compiles the code, it fails because it cannot find the import. (Unable to resolve some modules…)

Besides using a relative path, is there any way to get the IDE, the typescript compiler, and meteor in sync? (To be honest, I am not even sure meteor is looking at my tsconfig.json file at all.)