I’ve just released an update to tunguska:reactive-aggregate. The API has changed, but should remain fully backwards compatible with any existing code using it. My thanks to all who helped test, especially @alawi for making some awesome suggestions :+1:, which have been included.

The key features are:

  • Multiple observers.

    If you’re using $lookup in your aggregation pipeline, this lets you trigger a re-aggregation when any, or all, of the collections taking part change. Each collection’s observer can be different, to ensure re-aggregations are optimal.

  • Debouncing.

    For very “busy” aggregations, which would impact performance if re-aggregation was too frequent, these let you scale back the reactivity, while still giving acceptable performance.

  • Non-Reactive Aggregations.

    Rather like using a Meteor method, except the results are published to a Minimongo collection.

  • On-Demand Aggregations.

    By using an observer on an unrelated collection, it’s possible to trigger a re-aggregation on-demand, or as a by-product of another process.


Thanks for the great work in maintaining and improving this package @robfallows ! really appreciated. :+1:

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Awesome. Thanks @robfallows!

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