Tutorial: Adding teams to user accounts


I have seen a few users asking how to implement teams in user accounts. I wrote an article on Medium on how to do this without adding any external dependencies or packages. I wanted to know how to do this without adding packages, so hopefully this can help someone that needs this functionality.

Adding teams to user accounts in your SaaS app

This is done using:

  • accounts-base
  • accounts-password

I tried making it front-end agnostic. If you have any questions, let me know. I will upload the boilerplate app shortly.

Edit: Here is the boilerplate on GitHub. I also added in methods for three tiers of account types.


Hi @jh65592 , in the spirit of promoting Meteor and for easy discovery of great Meteor contents like yours, though can translate to almost any Node.js framework; adding “Meteor” to the title of the Medium article will highly be appreciated. Great write up there. Thanks.


Yes, will do as soon as freeCodeCamp accepts the article. The link above is an unpublished draft view.