Tutorial: Auto-Scaling Meteor apps with AWS and Waves


Cool… any production Meteor apps currently using Waves?

Just curious… does this use any container-tech on top of your AWS? Or is it more of just scaling up EC2 containers and running directly on them?

Do you have any details on the implementation?

Many! We as a company have all of our apps in Waves. I suggest you to try the platform (for free), deploy and test app and comment your conclusions!

Check this comment! (real user, we don’t know him in real life)

Waves tries to use all AWS services that are available. For the scaling it uses AWS autoscaling.

Is it containerized or running directly on the EC2 VMs?

It runs directly on EC2 VMs


@nicolaslopezj Hi there. What is the plan for Meteor 1.9? EC2 doesn’t support Node12. I am currently stuck with 10.17.x in Frankfurt region. I am not able to find any date for availability of Node 12 on EC2. Amazon made it available for Lambda so far.

The waves script doesn’t use the version from beanstalk. It should automatically install the correct node version for your code. Did you try to use it?

What UI/CSS framework/library is WavesHosting.com using? Love those buttons! Looks more like Tailwind CSS

The code for the button is here

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i have tried deploying an app yesterday and get this error while creating the enviornment:

Configuration validation exception: Invalid option value: '8.15.0' (Namespace: 'aws:elasticbeanstalk:container:nodejs', OptionName: 'NodeVersion'): Value is not one of the allowed values: [10.14.1, 10.15.0, 10.15.1, 10.15.3, 10.16.0, 10.16.1, 10.16.2, 10.16.3, 10.17.0, 10.18.0, 10.18.1, 10.19.0, 10.20.0, 10.20.1, 10.21.0, 10.22.0, 10.22.1, 10.23.0, 10.23.1, 10.23.2, 10.23.3, 10.24.0, 10.24.1, 12.14.0, 12.14.1, 12.15.0, 12.16.1, 12.16.2, 12.16.3, 12.18.0, 12.18.1, 12.18.2, 12.18.3, 12.18.4, 12.19.0, 12.19.1, 12.20.0, 12.20.1, 12.20.2, 12.21.0, 12.22.0, 12.22.1]

I tried sending them messages, but no have have answered yet.

Have you tried sending an email to the address on the Github repo? That is how I was able to correspond with them before.