Tutorial links for routing & mobile ads

im making a expense tracker app using Meteor & Vue. Been following the Vue tutorial and looking forward to learning and applying advanced concepts.
( bio - i have some experience with Vue and Vue-router. I’m quite okay with programming concepts.) I did a lot of googling but seems I need help and info on the following:

  • a tutorial where routing is detailed. i believe i should be using Flow Router but I’m looking for code examples of Flow router & Vue
  • whats the best package for showing ads in my app. (i plan to make mobile apps along with the webapp hosted on galaxy.)

thanks in advance for your support!

oH i found this - GitHub - ejfrancis/Meteor-Vue-Enterprise-Starter: An opinionated starter application that uses Meteor,

any opinions on this repo?

You should use Vue Router and not Flow Router. More generally, I would advise you to add only the following two Meteor packages to your app to make Vue work with Meteor:

The first one (vue-component) will make Meteor work with Vue’s single file components. You don’t have to interact with this package yourself directly. Just follow the guidelines set out for Vue’s SFC syntax. The second one (vue-tracker) will make Meteor’s reactivity work inside Vue. In practical terms it allows you to insert a meteor object inside your Vue components in which you can then subscribe to publications and make reactive queries to live data. So, in broad terms, if you want pub/sub in your app, then use the meteor object as shown in the vue-tracker examples. And if you want just non-live queries to your server, just place Meteor.call()'s inside your Vue methods to query Meteor methods on the server and then inject the result into your Vue component’s state. And let all other reactivity in your app be handled the standard Vue way - usually based on Vue’s component state, in larger apps perhaps Vuex as well. That way your Vue app is as close as possible to any other standard Vue app.

All other Vue related packages, aside from the two Meteor packages above, you should just get from npm from the official source - Vue itself, Vue router, in some cases Vuex as well.


Having issues getting Vue router working. I first tried a tutorial that added the router to Meteor through NPM, no go. Tried again with the Akyrum vue-router2 package, still no go. Tried the same project, no go.

Not sure if it’s just the documentation being out of date or if there’s another problem. But with all the issues I’m having I’m quite surprised there’s so little information on getting routing working in Meteor + Vue!

Once you have a vue project set up, adding vue router to it should be the same regardless if the project is based on Meteor or not. At least I don’t recall any differences on the top of my head. I’d advise to definitely add vue router via npm, just like in any other vue project.

A Vue project on Meteor is almost entirely the same as a Vue project that does not use Meteor. So you can just search for tutorials on how to set up Vue Router.

Or you might want to get some inspiration from here:

Not sure about the state of Vue 3 at the moment. Have not made the jump myself yet.


thank you for your replies. after a bit of hiatus, I’ve resumed my app development. after meteor and vue setup, I’ve added vue-router and vuetify to the app.
sadly, the vue reading blaze templates didn’t work. so it seems I have to create the basic accounts pages myself (iso just using accounts-ui)
when adding vuetify, I had to drop the Vue.use(Vuetify) line due to ‘multiple instances running’ warning.
Pipeline tasks - Forgot password, Google login, vuex
Thanks again, its nice to come here to share progress & get guidance.

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