Tutorial: Meteor, Cucumber and Chimp

We’ve had good experience using Chimp, it’s worth looking at if you enjoy end-to-end testing.

People seemed to enjoy my previous article using Cucumber and Velocity, but Velocity is deprecated, so that article is outdated.

Here’s a new one:



Thank you loads for taking the time to put this together! It’s great :slight_smile:

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Shared with my teams! Awesome :slight_smile:

Your walk through chimp and meteor is gold! Thanks a lot!
I am wondering how you would put Meteor 1.3 into the picture now that it is released. I suppose we could put everything together: unit testing and the end to end testing one after another…

Does anyone know of any open source project using chimp on more complex scenarios? It would be interesting to see more complex examples as well.

Have you seen this?