Tutorial on how to set-up a clustered scenario with mupx?


At the moment, I have deployed my app on a single AWS instance with mupx, but I am facing problems with this. Once in a while (i.e. every 2-3 weeks), the server stops responding completely. Although the AWS console reports it as being OK, the server does does even react on SSH logon attempts any more. On mupx github, I was hinted that this might be a memory leak, but this is not sure at the moment.

I am still investigating this, but in order to prevent service abruptions for the future, I also want to set-up a fail-over scenario with a second machine that would take over if the main server is not reachable. Is there any good tutorial on how to do that in combination with mupx? I thought about integrating meteor cluster, but I don’t have any experiences with it yet, and I am open for all existing solutions out there. I would also appreciate any hints about things I have to take into account in my app once I implement a stand-by scenario. For instance, I heard that not all community packages are supporting this, and maybe I will have to adapt my app as well.


you’ve heard of Galaxy, right? And it’s really not that expensive for what you’re getting. If it seems expensive let me ask you - what is your time worth?


Yes, I’ve heard about it. But

  • no database hosting included (still need compose.io)
  • only US east coast supported (I need EU west)
  • doesn’t seem to be clustered by default either
  • no test-drive available
    For this, the price is too high for me at the moment. I will consider switching to Galaxy once the app really makes money.


It’s really really easy to scale Galaxy. All your other points are still valid though.

I haven’t heard of anything outside of Meteor Cluster.


Hello, will Galaxy come to China in the near future? Thanks