Tutorial para comenzar con meteor 1.6


Greetings to all! I approached this forum to see if someone can help me with a tutorial to work with meteor version 1.6 the most recent, since some tutorials are very old versions so I do not understand at all with version 1.6 it is all different. I am starting in this, I want to learn, I would really appreciate the help, thank you


Why don’t you check the tutorials on the official website ?

Consulta los tutoriales de la página web oficial. (thanks DeepL :sweat_smile:)


thank you friend, hey, how could you clarify something when you work with meteor, does it create a mongodb data base, how does one do to see the data base? there is an administrator or how is that I do not understand much I’m starting in this excuse my ignorance


When you install Meteor and create a new project, you get a Mongo database specific to that project. Access to that database is only possible while you have meteor running for that project*. To access the database you would start meteor in that project and then, in another window to that project, enter meteor mongo, which starts a MongoDB shell to that specific database.

* The meteor command is used only during development, so that database is only active while developing against it.


How do I export that database?