Tutorial Problem with Meteor Blaze


I am having issues in displaying data to the page, once I have inserted to my collection. I followed the instruction exactly, and ensured the directories are properly structured, yet I am having problems.

I tried doing

meteor mongo
db.insert.tasks({"text: display text here", createdAt:new Date()});

Onto my Webstorm IDE command prompt. And also on my Windows command prompt (I assume they are the same).

And another way, I tried doing it was typing onto the browser console, say it was Uncaught ReferenceError: tasks is not defined.

So, I don’t have a clue, where could the bug be located at. I didn’t had any issues with Meteor 1.2, however I am having issues now. And my current version is 1.4.1


Mhh what about db.tasks.insert? I think the order (db.insert.tasks) is wrong.