Tutorials for data-visualization and meteor

Anyone know of any decent tutorials that use meteors realtime capabilities with animated/3d data visualization?

I have a couple of code examples on how to use d3 with Meteor. It all comes down to re-running the d3 render function on any data change (don’t forget to throttle it, otherwise the layouting will hog up your CPU) or editing d3’s internal data structures:

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have you ever tried using three.js with meteor?

Sorry, I misread the question. I thought the question was about d3, not 3d.

No its about data-visualization in general. Your links were great :sunglasses:

Was just wondering if you had any experience with three.js as well.

Here’s a package I’m working on which uses ThreeJS . The goal is to provide an easy way to render global latitude/longitude data.


I’d like to add some realtime features to it. If anyone is interested in working on it please get in touch, it’s a fun project and I’m learning a lot.

Heres a little project I was working on awhile ago: https://github.com/Orbyt/rtglobe. Maybe itll help you.

I had an idea to try and take an external coordinate system (say from a game map or something, just x:y positions) and try to translate it with linear interpolation but it didnt work out so well. Do you have any ideas on how something like that could be done?

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