Tutorials Free or Paid

Morning from the UK!

It would be highly valuable to promote websites that does extensive tutorials for Meteor. But I know tutorials are out there (videos) but I am interested in Meteor with React. Are there any paid/free tutorials with Meteor using React? I need hardcore stuff that goes from noob to die hard geek level.

I know you guys got years under your belt but I want to reach where you guys are and since Meteor 1.3 looks flipping great then now is the time.

http://nebula.blue/ try this mate


or this, the official one

I used:

to learn it.


Thanks for the links. I should feast my eyes.

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I liked this a lot, on a suggestion from @SkinnyGeek1010

Anyhow it’s not meteor specific.


That’t fine. React is the most important bit. I can slap Meteor on no problem. Thanks.

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BTW: When I’m searching for some react links to include into Mantra spec, actually it was very hard to find short but well informed React tutorials.

May be, I’ll work on couple of them in this week.