TWBS Bootstrap 3 package and dropdowns


I notice that if I use the latest TWBS Bootstrap 3 package (twbs:bootstrap@3.3.4), my bootstrap dropdowns cease to work. If I keep it at v3.3.2, it works! Anyone know if there was a breaking change between the two versions?


This is just weird and inconsistent for me. Now it works after moving the order of the packages (put the twbs:bootstrap line above). And still works after shifting it down…


I also saw my dropdowns disappear after replacing mizzao:bootstrap-3 with tabs:bootstrap.
Moving it around in the packages file made no difference in the behavior.


Turns out another package I was using (hckrs:summernote) uses mizzao:bootstrap-3, so I was ending up with two conflicting versions of bootstrap. Replacing the offending package with summernote:summernote resolved the problem.