Two Apps, One Database (Separate User Collections?)

If I have two Meteor Apps connecting to a single MongoDB instance, can I have the Accounts package create two separate User collections? One for internal company users, and one for public users?

Wouldn’t this be better handled by Roles?

Possibly. I guess I’m not sure wether it’s best to keep public accounts in the same collection as internal company accounts.

@purplecones did you found solution to your problem? I am working at admin panel for my app and I don’t want to mix admin accounts with users accounts. So far I created second collection named admins using below code.

Accounts.users = new Mongo.Collection('admins', {
  _preventAutopublish: true

Meteor.users = Accounts.users;

I can login etc. using admins collection, but I can’t use users collection anymore, this is normal because I’ve overwritted Meteor.users. Something like

export const Users = new Mongo.Collection('users');

Throws error about users collection duplicate. Is there any solution without digging up in accounts packages?

Thanks guys