Two different set of <head>?


Hi guys,

I am currently building a site that have admin, and front store. But I need two sets of (they use different styles and plugin and such). I tired to look at the direction of UI.dynamic, but no luck so far. Anyone has any experience on this?


Can use JQuery $.script or there are tutorials on adding them with iron router


since it is a theme. I would not want to pull in script one by one… i rather put them inline… so… I am still looking…anyways, thanks for suggestion. :smile:


If you want to use a dynamic stylesheet, you can write a global helper with UI.registerHelper and call it from the head. Something like

    <link href="{{getStyle}}" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">


Really? I can do that? Thanks. Will try it out tomorrow. Thanks. :smiley: