Two Factor Authentication

I attended a briefing recently about cyber security preparedness in the U.S. One of the things we learned was that most of the major hacks (ransomware etc.) happening in the past few years were possible just due to companies not implementing two-factor authentication.

So Iโ€™m just posting this to let everyone here know to make sure to support that where it is appropriate. :slight_smile: Preformatted text


Again, my 2 cents - TOTP is easy to implement, there are open source apps available and you are not bound to any third party Service like twilio or auth0 and itโ€™s free of charge.

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@jkuester, could you share me some TOTP packages?

I currently use:


@jkuester, thanks for your reply :blush:

@vikr00001 @theara @jkuester make sure you are participating in the beta validation and feedback phase of Meteor 2.6.1 which introduces accounts-2fa package.

You can read the draft of the documentation of this package here.

Release PR.


Now that we have 2FA, it is time to get working on a package for hardware keys. :laughing:

Itโ€™s going to be so great to have 2FA support for authenticator apps with Meteor accounts!

I just posted a question about generating the QR code, to the Issues for the PR.

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I got my question answered and am looking forward to integrating Meteor 2FA!