Two packages with default export



I’m trying meteor with React native Using this plug-in :

and I am using for navigation.

it requires to do : export default StackNavigator({ … })

now I also want to use createContainer from the plugin, it also require :
export default createContainer(…)

obviously only one Default export is allowed, how am I supposed to managed this situation ?



You have to think of StackNavigator and createContainer as returning React components. Once you realize this, you can realize that they are composable just like any other React components.


Now that I’m at a proper code authoring device :slight_smile:

import React from 'react';
import { View, Text } from 'react-native';
import { createContainer } from 'react-native-meteor';
import { StackNavigator } from 'react-navigation';

const FirstScreen = ({things}) => (<View><Text>Screen #1, Should Display Things</Text></View>);
const SecondScreen = ({posts}) => (<View><Text>Screen #2, should display posts</Text></View>);

const FirstScreenContainer = createContainer(() => ({
    things: ThingsCollection.find(),
}), FirstScreen);

const SecondScreenContainer = createContainer(() => ({
    posts: PostsCollection.find(),
}), FirstScreen);

export default StackNavigator({
    FirstScreen: FirstScreenContainer,
    SecondScreen: SecondScreenContainer,

This is just an example and you’ll need to improvise to suit your app of course


Thank you for your answer.

well may be I did not understand well, still I couldn’t manage to make createContainer work without “Export Default”.

I ended up separating createContainer with StackNavigator in two higher level components.

Since we’re at it, is there a best practice regarding using createContainer/withTracker with react ?

I mean we could use only one instance of withTracker in the whole app and spreading data to the children, or anytime we need it we can include withTracker in a file, or maybe regroup withTracker according to some logic for a group of react children (I guess this makes the most sense if we have a lot of data to push to react children) .