Two-way data binding in meteor

Is two-way binding possible in meteor like angularjs without adding any 3rd party dependecies?

Without 3rd-party dependencies - no. Blaze (Meteor’s UI layer) out of the box doesn’t support 2-way data binding. However there are excellent community packages that do this. On that I particularly like: Its author, @manuel, is active here on forums so you can ask him anything about it.


If you need two-way data binding, just install manuel:viewmodel and forget about “official”.

If you went only for official packages with Angular, you wouldn’t even be able to use UI Router.

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is there any future plan of meteor to do this?

There’s no such plan and there won’t be.

Official stance is that the way to go for future Meteor versions is React. So if you want to stick with “official” stuff then add React to your project and use that.

However MDG said that Blaze isn’t going away (at least for now, they’ve even assigned one of community members - @mitar - to lead its development), so packages like ViewModel will still work fine.

This reminds me of another open source project I was working on. For some reason I started the version number with 0.1.0 and increased the patch for fixes, and the minor for everything else. Hundreds of releases later I was at 0.72.0 and someone came to me saying “I don’t want to use a library that hasn’t achieved 1.0 status”