Typeahead and kadira:blaze-layout not working together?

After couple of hours playing around with it, I finally found out that kadira:blaze-layout is for some reason breaking sergeyt:typeahead package.

My code is this:

{{#if Template.subscriptionsReady}} {{#with nba}} {{/with}} {{/if}}


nba: function(){
return Nba.find().fetch().map(
return it.name;


Nba = new Meteor.Collection(“nba”);


Meteor.startup(function () {
Nba.insert({name:‘Philadelphia 76ers’});
Nba.insert({name:‘Detroit Pistons’});
Nba.insert({name:‘Portland Trail Blazers’});

I can only get the typeahead working when removing the blaze layout package. How to get them to work together?

OK I got it to work when I put the input forms into separate templates.