TypeError: callback.apply in third-party js script?


I’m importing a third-party js script (gibberish.js) into /client/compatibility/lib, and the various scripts it uses are in /client/compatibility. But when I call a method from the script (Gibberish.init()), I get these two errors:


 [Array[2], "var v_3 = bus2_2(0, 1, 0);↵↵	return v_3;↵"]


Uncaught TypeError: callback.apply is not a function

The TypeError keeps running indefinitely. I thought this was a problem with the way the script uses callbacks versus the Meteor way, but I thought putting it in /client/compatibility was supposed to fix that?

I have a feeling it might be interfering somehow with my routing method? I’m using the meteor-boilerplace by matteodem.