TypeError: LRU is not a constructor

I am not sure why it appears from nowhere, as my application and meteor were working fine the day before. But somehow, the issue pops up. Whenever i try to execute any meteor command (e.g: meteor --version) from anywhere, it shows me an error as

I have tried re-installing the meteor, go around with node version as well. But non work for me.

I think this explains the issue: [BUG] all commands fail: `TypeError: LRU is not a constructor` · Issue #6785 · npm/cli · GitHub

What is your npm version and what is the Meteor version you use?

I tried the suggestion as per the link you suggested, but it did not work. It appears that there is an issue with the meteor package. For information, I was using Node 14.17.3 and Meteor 2.14. However, i tried with Meteor, the latest version 2.15 also changed the node to the latest version. But I couldn’t get rid of it.