TypeError: this._maybeSetUpReplication is not a function


Hello Meteor Lovers,

It’s been some weeks since I did not used Meteor on my macbook pro, and I’m now completely unable to start any new Meteor project that use new Mongo.Collection("..."), as running this code throw me this error :

And after giving a look at github / stackoverflow / google, I still do not have a clue about why this is happening.

I’m using the latest version of meteor, reinstalled it, uninstalled (using brew) my local mongodb, and I’m using nothing particular, the bug appears just by creating a new standard meteor project and running the above code. If I don’t try to create a Mongo.Collection, the app works “just fine”.

Running an old app using Meteor@ works just fine.

Problem is, I have absolutely no clue for understanding the reason of all this and finding a solution.

Does any of you have already faced this ?

Thanks you, and have a good day mates :slight_smile:


Have you tried clearing .meteor/local ?