Types for meteor packages

I just started migrating meteor project to typescript and I realised that only few packages provides type definitions under GitHub - DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped: The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.. Even essential things like collection2 that provides attachSchema to collection are not typed. Also there is no clear naming policy as one can check under mentioned repo, sometime there is author in name, sometimes not ( meteor-collection-hooks but meteor-dburles-collection-helpers) Is there will in community to improve this?

The best would be to create issues for specific packages. Or even better, create basic gists of those typings locally, and share them here. At some point, these can be easily published to DefinitelyTyped.

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Hi @schapiro, some packages don’t provide good typing, mainly because the community creates them.
We are working to improve the types for the Meteor core packages
We don’t have an ETA yet, but it’s on our roadmap to improve it.

@hschmaiske yeah I know, but it leads to sad conclusion. Meteor community does not exist any more.

The Meteor community is all of us. As @radekmie suggested, if developers using TypeScript start sharing their typings, we could publish them to DefinitelyTyped.

We have many initiatives in progress to make Meteor even stronger. After 10 years, we believe that Meteor is one of the top choices for creating apps, and we count on all the developers here to spread the word and collaborate in the community’s growth.

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meteor packages (atmosphere, not npm) do not support exporting types at all. I think that is the problem that should be tackled first. So blaming the community or package creators is just wrong.

definitly-typed is just a workaround. Exporting typings from packages directly is better.


Of course you are right that meteor should support exporting types. Anyways, Im not blaming the community. Im saying this case shows that meteor community in fact does not exists or to be super precise is very weak. Just sad conclusion of fact.