Typescript AND/XOR Astronomy/Collection2?


I suppose that using Typescript with classes, decorators etc. even using the strictiest mode does not eliminate the need for declaring a collection schema using Astronomy or Collection2 and validating the meteor methods data against it.

But doesn’t such combination introduce quite a bit of redundant declarations?

What is your experience with Typescript + Collection2 or Typescript + Astronomy or all schema declaration and validation done in Typescript only?

The validation of simple schema is much more powerfull than TS typechecking. Iam thinking about writing a little tool that reads simple-schema and writes files with TS type definitions.

But quite frankly I am still not sure TS is really worth it. I have switched from CS to TS for the last two projects and although the tooltips you get with TS can be really nice and it helps with some typos, I found it unreliable and it feels like it’s often causing more problems than it solves. And with runtime validation of all your data in mongo and minimongo you get diminishing returns from the extra trouble that TS is causing.