TypeScript Babel build plugin updated! (Vue TypeScript transpiler updated too)


It’s never been easier to use TypeScript with babel in Meteor! Just meteor install nathantreid:typescript-babel and you’ll be on your way. Because this package uses babel-compiler, the Meteor babel preset will be applied to your .ts files, along with any babel config you supply via .babelrc.

Need to use a more recent version of the @babel/plugin-transform-typescript plugin? There’s no need to wait for me to publish an update - my build plugin installs @babel/plugin-transform-typescript as a devDependency in package.json. Install the version you want and you’re good to go! The only restriction is that it must be compatible with the version of babel that ships with Meteor’s babel-compiler package.

Want TypeScript in your Vue files too? Run meteor install nathantreid:vue-typescript-babel and use <script lang="ts">.

You can find the packages on Atmosphere here: