UI generator tools + Meteor

Hi -

Is it possible to use a UI generator tool such as Brix.io, Jetstrap, Divshot, etc. that generates bootstrap code - and somehow easily reuse this with Meteor?

This will save me a lot of time in designing the page layout of my app.


Haven’t used any of those services. I assume they export the HTML for your UI that you have created with those tools.
You just need to wrap the exported templates into Blaze templates. The HTML can be used as it is. This tool saves you writing the HTML. You still need to split the HTML into reasonable components (Blaze templates) I think.

<template name="myTemplate">
  <!-- Exported HTML -->

You could have a look at http://www.meteorkitchen.com/. I believe there is another as well but I don’t remember the name… Never used them myself but could be useful to some.