Unable to connect to remote MongoDB after installing alanning:roles


I want to add a new field for all Documents in a collection based on some fields in Roles that’s dependent on using ‘alanning:roles’.

I’m trying to do this standalone using a simple adhoc script that’s like the following

process.env.MONGO_URL = "URL"

import { Meteor } from "meteor/meteor";
import { Mongo } from 'meteor/mongo';
import { Roles } from 'meteor/alanning:roles';

const Documents = new Mongo.Collection('Documents');

Meteor.startup(() => {
  const doc = Documents.find({});

  //Get new field from Role and then save
  const role = Roles.getUser(doc.foo);
  doc.newField = role.field

But doc is undefined after installing Roles. Wo it, I’m able to print it out. My speculation is that Roles is doing something with the local MongoDB as opposed to the remote one with the MONGO_URL. Any Ideas?

I’m certain the package has nothing to do.with it. Most likely it’s your code. For instance, Documents.find({}) will not return a document, but a cursor. You should use collection.findOne()
for one doc or collection.find().fetch() for an array of docs.

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Collection#find() returns a cursor, see https://docs.meteor.com/api/collections.html#Mongo-Collection-find

So your code would be something like…

  const documents = Documents.find({}).fetch();

  documents.forEach(doc => {
    const { _id, foo } = doc;
    // Get new field from Role and then save
    const role = Roles.getUser(foo);
    Documents.update({ _id }, { $set: { newField: role } });

If you have a large number of documents, this could be a slow process, and you’d be better off with bulkWrite() (on Collection.rawCollection() of course), see https://mongodb.github.io/node-mongodb-native/3.6/api/Collection.html#bulkWrite

…but if you have just a relatively small amount of documents or time is not an issue, then it’s fine that way.

Yeah, I used findOne and fetch to no avail