Unable to connect to server for meteor cordova app

my mobile-config.js file

id: ‘com.example.matt.uber’,
name: ‘aptitude’,
description: ‘aptitude’,
author: ‘John Sunam’


App.appendToConfig(<universal-links> <host name="localhost:3000" /> </universal-links>);
Error:Unsuccessful to connect to server(http://localhost:12688/)

You also need to run Meteor on the port. Try this for example:

meteor run android-device --mobile-server=

I bet that will work for you. If not, make sure your network ports are forwarding OK. Check Windows Firewall.

Just checked my mobile config, and can confirm that is NOT where you add your server connection. Check the Meteor docs and go through that line by line for Mobile building. Don’t think too hard, just follow EXACTLY and you’ll get it. I did. :slight_smile: