Unable to deploy on Galaxy

Hi -

I am trying to deploy to meteor galaxy cloud for the first time, its giving me this error. Even when I try to login to meteor on command line its giving me same error.

Although my application works just fine, when running locally.

C:\projects\xxx>meteor deploy yyy.meteorapp.com --settings settings.json
Talking to Galaxy servers at https://galaxy.meteor.com
Username: xxx

Error: can’t find a unique name for temporary file?
at writeSessionData (c:\tools\meteor-services\auth.js:154:13)
at Object.exports.setSessionId (c:\tools\meteor-services\auth.js:878:3)
at Object.doInteractivePasswordLogin (c:\tools\meteor-services\auth.js:521:10)
at authedRpc (c:\tools\meteor-services\deploy.js:175:14)
at Object.bundleAndDeploy (c:\tools\meteor-services\deploy.js:383:19)
at Command.func (c:\tools\cli\commands.js:1344:29)

Have you raised a Galaxy support ticket?

It’s giving same error on meteor login using command line, I am not sure if it’s galaxy issue.