Unable to download xolvio:cucumber package

I am attempting to download the xolvio:cucumber package. However, despite numerous attempts at re-starting the download, it reaches a percentage in the download and then just hangs there.

Other packages (such as twbs:bootstrap) download fine.

Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this?

My short-term solution: use most recently installed version:

  meteor show --show-all xolvio:cucumber

(look for newest version with ‘installed’ next to it)

meteor add xolvio:cucumber@=0.13.8


Try 0.14.10 - just released now!

oh wait, that’s what the first package is. My bad.

The package is fairly large, but the download error has nothing to do with the package itself. Try with a good connection maybe?

@sam - thanks for the suggestion - this is a (supposedly) blazing fast connection at my office, but I will see if I can find a different connection.

Btw, enjoying your book so far!