Unable to load plugin meteor


I am developing a site. Its is uploaded on amazon server. The site is developed in meteor blaze. It long time I am working on it. Till date I was able to upload the site. But now I am facing a problem. That it is not allowing me to stop the site by using MUP STOP command. The error it is giving is

[TypeError: Buffer.alloc is not a function]
Unable to load plugin meteor

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like this:

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Sorry robfallow, due to some personal issues I was not able to access. Please let me know where to update it. I am not able to get it. I have tried it placing the code in


But it is giving same error.

Thanks in advance.

missed few things. I have upgrade meteor to 1.6. Also I have install buffer. I am also written

Meteor.startup(() => {
global.Buffer = function() {}
global.Buffer.isBuffer = () => false

code in client/main.js