Unable to resolve some modules: "./lib-cov/.."


Hi !

I got this warning while running my Meteor app with the npm package fluent-ffmpeg. I don’t really know what’s wrong with this issue because my npm package worked well during more than 3 months. After I installed again all npm packages into my app, i got it.

Unable to resolve some modules:

“./lib-cov/fluent-ffmpeg” in /home/…/Documents/MeteorApps/APP/node_modules/fluent-ffmpeg/index.js (web.browser)

Unable to resolve some modules:

“./lib-cov/fluent-ffmpeg” in /home/…/Documents/MeteorApps/APP/node_modules/fluent-ffmpeg/index.js (os.linux.x86_64)

Thank you in advance for any reply


Anyone didn’t find the solution ? I still have the warning and i really don’t know how to handle it :confused:


It is just a warning, so you should still be able to use the fluent-ffmpeg package. Based on issue 573 it sounds like the lib-cov directory is only used by the project’s CI server, so it shouldn’t impact your running application. Ideally the package author would look into fixing this, but in the meantime if you really want to get rid of the warning, just copy the contents of ./node_modules/fluent-ffmpeg/lib into ./node_modules/fluent-ffmpeg/lib-cov.


Thank you for your reply. I am also the writer for the issue 573 ! Yes, i just want to get rid of the warning, i can copy the contents between lib and lib-cov but once i will download again the npm modules, the warning will appear again…

I will just let the warning like that and wait for the package author to fix this little issue.