Unable to resolve some modules

Hi everyone.
I just updated to 1.3
and app is working the same like on 1.2.1, but… I’m using leaflet-routing-machine.js and in server console I have this:

"./L.Routing.Itinerary" in
       /home/none/MeteorApps/map/0.4.0/client/compatibility/js/leaflet-routing-machine.js (web.browser)
 + 10 more

And the question is: what I have to do with these… I don’t know, errors or warnings?

Or, I can install npm leaflet-routing-machine, but how to use it in Template.tmpl_name.onRendered()??

Thank you (-:

You may try to wrap your plugin in simple local package, in order to do so:

  1. Create packages folder in project root.

  2. Create package.js with content like this:

    summary: ‘Vendor Plugins’,
    version: ‘0.1.0’,
    name: ‘yournamespace:vendor-plugins’

    Package.onUse(function (api) {
    api.use(‘jquery’, ‘client’);

    /* Slick slider */
    api.addFiles(‘plugins/slick.min.js’, ‘client’);

  3. Put your plugin under path defined in api.addFiles

  4. Add your package to packages and you should be fine then.


  • If you need more info on how to handle Meteor packages, this might be useful
  • All paths to files are relative to your package folder in packages folder in project root.

P.S. Sorry, was unable to pre-format the code part for some reason…