Unable to start Application After project is been upgraded to meteor version 1.11.1

I have updated our meteor project from 1.10.2 to 1.11.1. I am encountering below error code while trying to run the application on local. I appreciate your assistance.


Hi, did you try to remove your node_modules (rm -rf node_modules) and run meteor npm install again?

You are running your app as root, you should create a user and run it from their home directory. You shouldn’t be using root home it’s not secure.

Thank you so much for quick response. When you recommend rm -rf node_modules are you referring that folder structure in the project or meteor binary installation path location. I appreciate your clarification. I have tried at meteor binary installation path location but no luck. Will give a shot at project path location.

Thank you so much for quick response. I agree with the best practice recommendation. But just for testing purpose i am performing using root user. I have used option --allow-superuser when executing as root.

Ok it’s all cool as long as just for testing. If you run as root in production you could run into problems and have a breach. I recommend running as a user even for development incase you end up in some caveat where something was running with root perms and doesn’t work as your user when you deploy it. So it’s best to have a 1:1 comparison really in staging.